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Wellness Wakeup:

Empowering Messages for Morning Announcements

An Easy Way to Fulfill Nutrition Education Goals as Mandated by Local Wellness Policies

New York Coalition for Healthy School Foods (NYCHSF) will not share your information with anyone – it is used for tracking purposes to see who is using the program, unless you check the box below.
If you check the box on the left, you are giving NYCHSF permission to use your school district name to promote the Wellness Wakeup Program. If this box is checked, you will be contacted for confirmation that you are using the Wellness Wakeup Program.

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(*) Are any schools in your
school district using Wellness Wakeup?
No, however I am using the messages for another educational purpose (please email us and tell us how).
We are working on implementing use of Wellness Wakeup Messages but they are not yet being used.
If yes to the above question, please enter the number of schools in your district that are using the Wellness Wakeup Program?
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